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Canadian Coin & Currency was founded more than 30 years ago and quickly became the country’s largest collector coin business. Our team of expert appraisers have assisted thousands of coin and banknote collectors when they decided it was time to sell. Regardless of the size of the collection, every seller wants to know that they will be treated with fairness and honesty. With the help of the experts at Canadian Coin & Currency, selling your collection can be a rewarding experience, without stress or doubt as to whether you are receiving fair value for your items.

Fair Prices with a No-Obligation Offer

After a thorough evaluation, we provide you with a no-obligation quote at the fair and up to date market price. If you decide to sell, we respect your decision and offer immediate payment, ensuring a smooth and satisfying transaction.

Versatility in Collections

Our expertise isn't just limited to common coins. Whether your collection is a varied mix of unknown world currency or includes high-end graded treasures, we have the knowledge to accurately assess and value every piece. Learn more about what we buy here.

Tailored Assessment

Each coin is unique, and so is our approach. We tailor our assessment to the individual characteristics of your collection, ensuring you receive a fair and accurate offer.


Canadian Coin & Currency has a well-established track record of buying paper money at competitive prices. Our smooth and transparent valuation process helps ensure a positive, hassle-free experience. We use the following factors to determine price:
  • Grade

    Our expert on-site team will look at such factors as creases, folds, and overall preservation to help determine the value of your paper money.
  • Rarity

    The rarity of your paper money, including such factors as serial numbers, signatures, limited print runs, and historical significance will be taken into account by our team when determining its value.
  • Market Prices

    Given the world of collectible paper money is dynamic, we take pride in ensuring our team uses the latest market trends to ensure we provide highly competitive offers to our customers.

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