Uncut Block of Two Replacement Notes: $1 1973 & $2 1986

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Year: 1973 & 1986
Grade: CUNC-63

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This set includes an uncirculated $1 1973 and  $2 1986 "X" replacement issue uncut pairs. The notes are presented in professional note holders and are in crisp uncirculated condition. 

About Replacement Notes:
When banknotes are printed for the Bank of Canada, they are carefully accounted for by the serial numbers. If a sheet of notes is imperfect or damaged in the printing process, it is "replaced" and accounted for with a special series of "replacement notes". On all current issues, the letter "X" is used as the third letter of the serial number prefix to show that is is a replacement note. Because replacement notes are much scarcer than regular issue notes, most uncirculated replacement notes command a significant collector premium. 

Uncut Replacement Notes:
Shortly before the $1 notes were officially discontinued in 1980 and before the $2 notes were discontinued in the early 1996, the Bank of Canada released special collectors' issues of uncut 40 note sheets. As part of these limited issues, a very small number of replacement note sheets were released. This presentation includes as uncut pair of notes cut from a rare replacement note $1 sheet and a pair of notes cut from a rare replacement note $2 sheet. 



Denomination: $1 & $2
Year: 1973 & 1986


Monarch: Elizabeth II
Comment: Replacement Note

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