Uncut Block of Four Bank Notes: $1 1973, $2 1986, $5 1986, $10 1989

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Year: 1973, 1986, 1989

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While Bank of Canada paper money has never been available from the banking system in uncut sheets or any format of multiple notes, small numbers of uncut sheets were sold by the Bank of Canada at a premium to collectors just before the $1 and $2 notes were discontinued, and just before the 1986 $5 and 1989 $10 Birds series notes were discontinues. (No other denominations have ever been released.) This collection includes a scarce uncut block of four of each of these notes in crisp uncirculated condition. The banknotes are presented in professional banknote display holders. 

Extremely small quantities of the $5 and $10 sheets were released, making them extremely scare and sought after by collectors today. 

$1 1973 Block of Four Banknotes - Last issue of $1 banknotes, discontinued in 1989 (115,000 sheets issued)
Front Design: Coat of Arms of Canada, and Elizabeth II
Back Design: Logging on the Ottawa River in the foreground with Parliament hill in the background

$2 1986 Block of Four Banknotes - Last issue of the $2 banknotes, discontinued in 1996 (approx. 40, 000 sheets issued)
Front Design: Elizabeth II and Parliament Buildings

Back Design: Robin

$5 1986 "Bird Issue Black of Four Banknotes - Dated 1986, discontinued 2002 (approx. 5,000 sheets issued)
Front Design:  Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Parliament Buildings
Back Design: Belted Kingfisher

$10 1989 "Bird Issue" Block of Four Banknotes - Dated 1989, discontinued 2001 (approx. 2,000 sheets issued)
Front Design: Sir John A. Macdonald and Parliament Buildings
Back Design: Osprey in Flight


Denomination: $1, $2, $5, $10
Year: 1973, 1986, 1989


Monarch: Elizabeth II

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