2022 $5 Golden Snitch - Pure Silver 3D Coin

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Year: 2022

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This stunning three ounce fine silver coin is a spectacular combination of innovative minting technology, artistic design, pop culture and limited edition collectability. The fully shaped three dimensional coin re-creates the uncatchable “Golden Snitch”, the most famous ball among wizards in the Harry Potter franchise. The coin is perfectly shaped as the Snitch, including the spherical base, two wings, and an overlay of 24 karat gold plating. It has a face value of $5 in Samoa. Limited mintage of 2022 pieces worldwide. GST/HST exempt.

The obverse depicts the Samoa coat of arms, face value, year of issue, fineness, and silver weight. A premium mahogany finish presentation case is included with an acrylic top for display.


A team sport combining aspects of football, basketball, and rugby, Quidditch adds the extra challenge of being played in the air on flying brooms! Matches are played on a large oval pitch with three ring-shaped goals of different heights on each side, with multiple positions and three types of balls: The Quaffle, used for scoring, the two Bludgers, used to knock opposing team members off their brooms, and the Golden Snitch, a small flying gold ball with wings that must be caught by the team’s Seeker to end the game.


Denomination: 5 Dollars
Year: 2022

Diameter: 35 x 85 mm
Material: Silver with 24 karat gold plating
Fineness: 0.999
Weight: 93.3 grams
Bullion Weight: 3 Troy Ounces

Finish: Proof
Quantity Produced: 2,022

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