2021 R&D Security Test Token Set

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Country: Canada
Year: 2021

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This six piece test token set provides a unique glimpse into the latest developments in high security coinage from the Royal Canadian Mint’s Research and Development facility in Winnipeg, including the use of new multi-component composites. The Royal Canadian Mint considers this technology to be “a bold step forward in the evolution of circulation coins”, with these prototypes being the first trials for new circulation issues being considered.  Mintage is limited to 10,000. 


The Design:

Three of the tokens included in this set feature the RCM’s new “MC4” technology.  Providing the newest and most complex security features, these combine four different components: an outer ring, a polymer separator and an inner core featuring two different alloys.  Each token also features interrupted serrations on its edge and multi-security features including visible and hidden microtext, latent images, plus positive and negative embossing.  

Token 1: This MC4 prototype combines a nickel-plated steel outer ring with a clear (transparent) polymer separator, a nickel-plated steel reverse and a copper-plated steel obverse.

Token 2: Your second MC4 prototype features a nickel-plated steel outer ring, a black (opaque) polymer separator, a copper-plated steel reverse and a brass-plated steel obverse.

Token 3: The third MC4 prototype features a bronze outer ring, a white (opaque) polymer separator, a brass-plated steel reverse and a copper-plated steel obverse.

Token 4: This token also features interrupted serrations and the same multi-security features as the MC4, but in a bronze-plated steel mono-component token.

Token 5: A copper-plated steel mono-component version of Token 4.

Token 6: Made of nickel-plated steel, the last mono-component token in this set marks the starting point—it was the base model used to test and calibrate the presses.


Produced By: RCM
Year: 2021

Diameter: 25.8mm
Material: Other

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Finish: Circulation
Quantity Produced: 10,000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: R&D

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