2019 D-Day Commemorative Collector Keepsake

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Country: Canada
Year: 2019

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What thoughts go through a soldier's mind in the moments before battle? This riveting coin takes you aboard a landing craft where Canadian soldiers are peering over the ramp as they approach the coast of Normandy (France) on D-Day. Their mission: to establish a beachhead at Juno Beach.

For months prior, Allied aircraft bombed German installations along the heavily defended coast in preparation for the arrival of a massive invasion force,150,000 Allied troops that came ashore on June 6, 1944.

Among them, 14,000 Canadians who secured their beachhead (Juno) before moving to capture German positions further inland. On D-Day alone, 359 Canadians lost their lives, and by the time Paris was liberated on August 25th, more than 5,000 Canadians had made the ultimate sacrifice to regain critical ground for the Allies in Western Europe.

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, this coin honours the soldiers who fought the Normandy Campaign, and turned the tide towards victory the following year.

This 2019 $2 coin is the latest issue in the Royal Canadian Mint's proud tradition of honouring Canada's rich military heritage with special commemorative designs on its circulation coins, collect them all and share the legacy.


Produced By: RCM
Year: 2019

Weight: 30.35 grams

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Maple Leaf
Finish: Circulation
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Canadian, Royal Canadian Mint, Canada's Military, RCM Sets

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