Real Shape Iconic Canada: RCMP - Pure Silver Piece

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This innovative and visually stunning silver medallic art in the shape of the RCMP on horseback uses technology and production techniques to showcase one of Canada’s national icons. With a weight of 100 grams (3.215 ounces) of .9999 fine silver and a width of about 100 mm, this is a substantial collector piece. The reverse RCMP design comes to life through artistic colouring painted by renowned Canadian artist Trevor Tenant. A brilliant silver border shines around the colour over engraving, while the obverse is presented with detailed engraving and a classic proof-like finish. Mintage is limited to just 1,867 pieces. This series is issued by the Canadian Heritage Mint, and includes a certificate of authenticity attesting to the mintage, weight and fineness. As investment quality .9999 fine silver items, this series is HST/GST exempt.

The design is based on a “Mountie in full dress uniform” 1935 10 cent postage stamp. The original stamp was designed by the Canadian Bank Note Company.

RCMP: The fourth piece in the Real Shape Iconic Canada series features an image of a “Mountie in Full Dress Uniform”, based on the classic ten cent stamp issued by Canada Post in 1935. There are few countries in the world where a national police force is so respected as to earn a place of honour among the most iconic images of a nation. The original image of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable on horseback with a prairie background was designed by Herman Schwartz, and has been enhanced with colour by Trevor Tenant for this new appearance in pure silver.

The RCMP was originally formed in 1873 with 150 recruits as the North West Mounted Police to patrol lands recently purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company. The number of officers and their mandate rapidly increased, keeping order in the Canadian frontier and earning respect by providing assistance and support to many of those who took on the challenges of Canada’s North-West. The force continued to grow policing the Klondike Gold Rush, and was given the title “Royal” by King Edward VII in 1904.

The modern RCMP was formed in 1920 through the merger of the Royal North West Mounted Police and the Dominion Police, creating a true national police force. While it retains the mythology of its frontier past, the modern RCMP is a sophisticated force continuing its mandate to maintain law and order in Canada. The iconic RCMP image on this 100 gram medallic art shines brightly with the pride of a nation where law and order includes the protection of individual rights and freedoms.


Produced By: Canadian Heritage Mint

Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 100g
Bullion Weight: 3.215 Troy Ounces

Reverse: RCMP
Finish: Proof-like
Series: Real Shape Iconic Canada, Coin 4 of 4
Quantity Produced: 1,867

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