Real Shape Iconic Canada: Polar Bear - Pure Silver Piece

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This visually stunning fine silver Polar Bear uses innovative technology and production techniques to showcase one of Canada’s most iconic animals.  As a true work of medallic art, the piece is struck in the actual shape of a polar bear.  With a weight of 100 grams (3.215 ounces) of .9999 fine silver and a width of about 100 mm, this is a substantial collector piece.  The reverse polar bear design comes to life through artistic colouring painted by renowned Canadian artist Trevor Tenant.  A brilliant silver border shines around the colour over engraving, while the obverse is presented with a classic proof-like finish. All design elements are intricately recreated, including fur with a high relief true fur texture. 

The image originates from a $2 stamp issued in 1998 and has been authorized for this piece by Canada Post. The silver polar bear is encapsulated for protection and presented in a “Magic Frame” for display.  The background within the frame includes additional details from the original postage stamp, allowing the shaped image to be beautifully presented in a larger perspective.  

Mintage is limited to just 1,867 pieces.  This series is issued by the Canadian Heritage Mint, and includes a certificate of authenticity attesting to the mintage, weight, and fineness.  As investment quality .9999 fine silver items, this item is HST/GST exempt. 

Half of the world's 40,000 polar bears live in Canada - in the coastal regions of both the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, and in Manitoba, Ontario and arctic Quebec. They spend most of their days out on the sea ice, hunting seals. Large paws help polar bears distribute their weight while walking on thin ice. Their front legs act as water propellers while their hind limbs function as rudders.  One of the most distinctive features of the polar bear is its colour. The white fur helps it blend into the arctic background and has special features for cold weather adaptation; it is translucent and transmits ultraviolet radiation to keep the skin warm. Equally distinctive is the polar bear's size. The largest carnivore in the world that lives mostly out of water, it can weigh up to 800 kg - double the size of a grizzly


Produced By: Canadian Heritage Mint

Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 100g
Bullion Weight: 3.215 Troy Ounces

Reverse: Polar Bear
Finish: Proof-like
Series: Real Shape Iconic Canada, Coin 1 of 4
Quantity Produced: 1,867

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