2017 $30 Animals in the Moonlight: Cougar - Pure Silver Coin

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Country: Canada
Year: 2017

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Complete 4-coin series subscription and single coin are sold out at the Royal Canadian Mint.
We are pleased to offer the last remaining limited quantity at the original issue price of $189.95 each coin.

A cougar walks along the shoreline of the Pacific Coast. Snow is rare here, but when it does fall, the effect is pure magic, a wondrous scene of enigmatic shadows and radiant light that comes to life with the exceptional colouring techniques on this coin. View the coin in the dark, and parts of the scene begin to glow. The moon and stars shine, and the water and snow glimmer as if touched by moonlight! First coin in a NEW series featuring animals under the magical glow of moonlight, stunning designs that capture all the mystery of a full moon that has fascinated people for millennia.

Canadian artist Jan Poynter has combined quintessential elements of the Pacific Coast to create this fictional scene of a cougar approaching a stream on a snow-covered shoreline. Moonlight defines the cougar's silhouette, and dances on the water and snow. The majestic cat is looking towards the right, as if it has spotted its quarry in the distance. Behind the cougar, subtle shades of blue and gold paint a silent, snow-covered landscape of islands rising up from the calm waters of an inlet. A mountain range spans the horizon, its peaks visible in the moonlight. The moon also illuminates the clouds, and stars fill the gaps between them.

Exquisitely engraved with every detail beautifully enhanced with colour, plus an innovative glow-in-the-dark technology that washes the scene with moonlight, the moon, stars, water and snow shine when viewed in the dark! A work of art that will captivate anyone; a unique keepsake that wildlife and nature enthusiasts, as well as, star and moon gazers will cherish.

See all four designed in the series: 2017 $30 Animals in the Moonlight 4-coin Series


Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 30 Dollars
Year: 2017

Diameter: 54mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 62.67 grams
Bullion Weight: 2.015 Troy Ounces

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Cougar
Artist: Jan Poynter
Finish: Proof
Series: Animals in the Moonlight, Coin 1 of 4
Quantity Produced: 4000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Wildlife

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