2013 50c Snowman - Lenticular Coin

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Country: Canada
Year: 2013

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This large format 2013 50 cent coin uses dual image lenticular technology to help capture the magic of the season. Watch two enterprising children building a snowman, then enjoy the final result as they complete their icy masterpiece. Mintage is 20,000 coins.

The Design:

The coin features two vibrantly coloured images by Canadian artist Tony Bianco. In one image, two smiling children dressed in green coats, the older wearing a red toque, red mittens, and a red scarf and the younger wearing fuchsia hat, scarf, and mitts, building a snowman together. The first large snowball—the snowman's base—has been laid in the centre of the image, the younger child heaving it into position as the older child lifts the next large ball on top. Their young dog looks on from the right side of the image, tail raised in the air in excitement. In the foreground lies a small wooden sled with bright red runners. The activity takes place on the snow-covered front lawn of a quaint house, visible in the background where, on the right, snow-covered steps lead to a wreath-decked wooden door. The house's soffit is decorated with glowing lights, as is a snow-covered pine tree to the left of the front door. Decorative gifts line the bottom of the tree. Inside the window on the right, which is fronted by a snow-filled window box, we see the family holiday tree filled with dazzling lights. 

In the second image, the snowman stands complete with arms, black top hat, scarf, buttons, broom, eyes, carrot nose and broad smile. The children stand on either side of it, the smaller child on its right hugging the snowman and looking admiringly at their creation and the older child on the left, facing the viewer and smiling proudly. The dog now sits on the sled, gazing up at the snowman's face.


Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 50 Cents
Year: 2013

Diameter: 35mm
Material: Other

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Children and snowman
Finish: Specimen
Series: Holiday Lenticular
Quantity Produced: 20,000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Holiday

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