2013-2015 $20 Beaver - Pure Silver 3-Coin Set with Display Case

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Year: 2013

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The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a one ounce fine silver collector coin featuring an iconic image of a beaver.  All of these coins have been popular and sought after collectibles. This collection includes all three different one ounce $20 fine silver beaver coins from 2013, 2014 and 2015. The beaver is known for its persistence, resourcefulness and hard work, and has been one of our cherished national symbols since before confederation.

2015 Fine Silver Coin  “Beaver at Work”  mintage 7,500

This 2015 pure silver coin presents a classic view of a Canadian beaver in its natural environment, enhanced with selective colouring which brings the beaver to life.  The water shimmers with a translucent blue, while the beaver’s realistic brown fur can be seen in intricate detail.  The famously flat, almost paddle-like tail is partially submerged beneath the blue lake water as the beaver stands on the course shoreline upon its webbed hind paws.  At the river’s edge, the beaver is busily using its razor-sharp incisors to cut down a tree.  In the background, the many gnawed tree stumps that dot the engraved landscape serve as evidence of the beaver’s on-going activity.  HST/GST exempt.

2014 Fine Silver Coin  “Baby Animals: Beaver” mintage 7.500

The coin features an industrious young beaver and its mother amidst the grasses and leaves along the riverbank. Here, the kit is shown in three-quarter profile (facing left) as it stands poised at the river's edge, its flat tail partially submerged with ripples surrounding it showing ever so slight movement. The beaver's equally famous teeth are on full display as the kit gnaws on a small branch. Its brown-coloured fur stands in contrast to the bright green-coloured leaves of a balsam poplar tree– a favourite species for beavers – which is gripped by the kit's mother in the background.

2013 Fine Silver Coin  “Iconic Beaver”   mintage 8,500

The reverse of this coin features a large beaver stands amid the leaves and grasses lining the bank of a waterway, hard at work chewing the trunk of a tree. The beaver stands on its webbed back paws, counterbalanced by its large flat tail, holding the tree trunk with its sharp-clawed dexterous front paws. The beaver is presented in profile, its small left ear and eye, snubbed black nose, sharp teeth, and waterproof fur rendered in fine detail. In the background, backed by dense forest, one of the beaver’s wooden structures rises from the middle of a small lake. 


Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 20 Dollars
Year: 2013

Diameter: 38mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 94.15 grams
Bullion Weight: 3.027 Troy Ounces

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Beaver
Artist: Various
Finish: Proof
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Wildlife

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