1867 Confederation Medal Re-strike - Bronze Piece (Antique Finish)

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This stunning antique finish medal is a Canada 150 limited edition re-strike of the original and extremely rare 1867 commemorative Confederation issue.  The medal has a large 76 mm (three inch) diameter and features an ultra high relief design on both sides.  Mintage of this antique finish version is just 500 pieces.  

Canada’s first official medal was commissioned in 1867 by the Fathers of Confederation and approved by Queen Victoria to celebrate the birth of the country.  This re-strike medal is virtually identical to the original, except that it includes edge lettering that indicates the occasion of “Canada 150”.  The medal is presented in a collector case of the same style originally issued in 1867, together with a certificate of authenticity. Medals are produced by the Canadian Heritage Mint. 

As a celebration of Confederation and the creation of the new Dominion of Canada, the Fathers of Confederation commissioned two of the greatest engravers of the 19th century to produce Canada’s first officially sanctioned medal.  One example of the original medal was struck in gold and presented to Queen Victoria in recognition of her support for Confederation, while silver and bronze medals were presented to the Fathers of Confederation and other noteworthy Canadians who contributed in a significant way to life in Canada. 150 years after Confederation, this restrike of the original design continues to honour the legacy set forth by the Fathers of Confederation.  


The Design:

The front design features a classic Britannia figure at the left, personifying Great Britain. She is a symbol of strength, confidence and maturity, wearing an elegant helmet and armour. She is seen seated with a lion at her side with its head resting on her knees. She holds a trident on her right, while a shield ornamented with the Royal Union Flag rests at her side. She holds a scroll marked “Confederation”, representing the British North America Act, which served to establish the new country of Canada.  The right side of the design features four young maidens accepting the Confederation scroll and looking towards Britannia for guidance and wisdom.  The maidens represent the four original provinces the Dominion of Canada (clockwise from the top): Ontario with a sickle and sheaf symbolizing agriculture; Quebec holding a canoe paddle representing commerce; Nova Scotia with a shovel representing its rich mining; and New Brunswick with an axe, a representation of forestry.   The prominent Latin motto around the reverse reads JUVENTAS ET PATRIUS VIGOR, or YOUTH AND PATRIOTIC STRENGTH.  The back features a high relief effigy of Queen Victoria as she appeared at the time of Canadian confederation in 1867.


Produced By: Canadian Heritage Mint

Diameter: 76.25mm
Material: Bronze

Obverse: Queen Victoria
Reverse: Britannia with Four Maidens
Artist: J.S. & A.B. Wyon
Finish: Proof-like

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