1987 Uncirculated Coin Set in Custom Mahogany Display Case

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This 1987 proof-like set includes all six denominations from the cent through to the dollar. The coins are specially struck for collectors using highly polished dies and slow moving coin presses. The result is that the coins have a near perfect mirror finish which is significantly different from the coins struck for circulation.

Although the loon dollar was introduced in 1987 and no voyageur nickel dollars were produced for circulation, Canadas final issue of voyageur dollars was included in this special collector set. The dollar design features a Native Canadian and a Voyageur (a travelling agent for a fur company), paddling a canoe past a small island with two wind swept trees. The vertical lines in the background represent the northern lights. A fifty cent coin is also included featuring the Canadian Coat-of-arms. This coin saw very limited circulation and was produced in small quantities in comparison to other denominations.

This complete high quality coin set comes presented in a custom mahogany finish display case.


Year: 1987



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