1973 Proof-Like Coin Set in Custom Mahogany Display Case

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This is a complete set of 40 year old Canadian coins in proof-like condition, all displayed in an attractive mahogany finish wood case. All 6 coin denominations issued in 1973 are included (Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar and the Voyageur Dollar). The coins are all specially struck by the mint for collectors with a mirror finish and near flawless surfaces, much different from regular business strike coins.

In 1973, Canada marked two important anniversaries which are marked on two commemorative coins included in this set. The dollar coin marks the 100th anniversary of Prince Edward Island joining confederation in 1873 and features an image of the provincial legislature building. The 1973 quarter marks the 100th anniversary of the RCMP, which was originally known as the North West Mounted Police. The coin features an RCMP officer on horseback with a flag, which is normally seen as part of the RCMP Musical Ride pageant.

In addition to the two commemorative coins which are sought after by collectors, the half dollar is a coin which saw very limited circulation and was produced in small quantities in comparison to other denominations.


Year: 1973



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