Silver Maple Leaf Box - Empty Box Only

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These official Royal Canadian Mint boxes, often referred to as 'monster boxes', are useful for numerous storage and organizing tasks. Originally used to store 1 oz silver maple leaf coins, the heavy-duty plastic can handle substantial loads, but can also be used for storing everything from craft accessories to workshop supplies. The toothed lid fits lightly into the base and will not slide off, but it does not fasten in any way and will fall off if the box is inverted. The raised corners on the lid will register into the bottom of another box, allowing multiple boxes to stack securely without shifting. As these boxes have been previously used to transport silver bullion, scuffs and labels are typical. Colours may vary. Overall outside dimensions are L 9 3/4" x W 8" x H 4 3/4". Interior dimensions are L 8 5/8" x W 6 7/8" x D 3 1/8" without the lid.





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