Carson City Morgan Dollars 3rd Ed. - Featuring the Coins of the GSA Hoard

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In 1964, an official audit of the vaults of the Treasury Building in Washington, DC, uncovered an astounding three million U.S. silver dollars struck in the late 1800s at the historic Carson City Mint. The massive discovery sent shock waves throughout the numismatic community and set into motion the greatest government distribution of highly desirable rare coins ever recorded! These coins were ignored when they were first struck. Since they were rediscovered, they have been greatly appreciated by collectors.

Their story begins long before 1964. This book chronicles the amazing history of the California Gold Rush, which brought hundreds of thousands of hopefuls to the rugged Wild West of the United States. And through that hope, a couple of brothers stumbled across the greatest silver find in history - amazingly, just a few miles from where thousands trenched their way to the gold fields of the Golden State.

Today the area is known as the State of Nevada, well diversified and a playground for many. But in the 1860s it was the birthplace of a mining industry that spawned the dreams of tens of thousands and the creation of a camp which today is Carson City, Nevada.

Because of those who so bravely left their homes and families in search of a better life in 1848, and with the unveiling of a government hoard in 1964, we today have the ability to literally hold all those dreams and history in our hands.





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