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Introducing the Canadian Coin Collector Starter Set: a perfect gateway to the fascinating world of numismatics for the whole family! Designed to spark curiosity and create cherished bonding moments, this set encapsulates the rich history, cultural diversity, and artistic beauty of Canada through its coins. Ranging in date from 1858 to present, you'll find an example of every Canadian monarch, every historic denomination, and even a genuine historic silver!


The set includes:

  1. A variety of circulated Canadian coins: Experience the thrill of discovery as you sift through pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and more, spanning different decades and featuring various designs. From the classic maple leaf to images of wildlife and historical figures, each coin tells a unique story.

  2. Commemorative coins: Delve deeper into Canada's history with special edition coins celebrating significant milestones, such as anniversaries of Confederation, iconic national symbols, and cultural achievements. These coins are not only valuable collectibles but also conversation starters that can ignite discussions about Canadian heritage.

  3. Collector's album: Keep your growing collection organized and protected with a dedicated collector's album. Featuring 60 pockets, this album encourages systematic exploration and provides a sense of accomplishment as you fill it with new additions.


Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your numismatic journey, the Canadian Coin Collector Starter Set offers something for everyone. From shared moments of excitement during coin hunts to engaging discussions about Canadian history, this set promises countless hours of enjoyment and discovery for the whole family. Begin your adventure today and let the coins of Canada become your gateway to a world of wonder!





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