2023 Mosaic of Canadian Icons - 6-Coin Set

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Country: Canada
Year: 2023

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This 2023 six coin set celebrates Canada and makes both a great collectible or gift. The collection includes high quality numismatic uncirculated examples of all the denominations normally issued for circulation (5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, $1 coin, and $2 coins), even though these coins will not be issued for circulation in 2023. The highlight of the set is a coloured numismatic half dollar coin that cannot be found in any other collection.


The Design:

The half dollar design by artist Alisha Giroux features a mosaic of stylized Canadian icons arranged in a pattern that echoes the national flag of Canada (clockwise from top): a polar bear, a hockey skate, a canoe with oars, a beaver, a toque, a moose, a curling stone and a snowy owl. At the centre of the design, a selective application of
red colour highlights the moose’s antlers, a Canada goose, a mitten, a loon and the log held by the beaver; together, these red and white coloured icons form the shape of another Canadian symbol, the maple leaf.


Highly Collectible Special Issue with Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse:

As new King Charles III dies were not yet ready for this coin set, the obverse designs feature a posthumous effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the addition of the double dates of her reign, 1952-2022. The four dots or pearls between the dates are intended to represent the four different effigies of the Queen that have appeared on Canadian coinage. The Royal Canadian Mint has stated that they do not plan to release any of these 2023 dated Queen Elizabeth effigy coins for general circulation, making every coin in the set a special collector issue.


Produced By: RCM
Year: 2023

Material: Other

Artist: Alisha Giroux (50 cent Mosaic)
Quantity Produced: 30000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II

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