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Travel back to Ancient Rome and step into the Pantheon with this 100 gram (3.215 ounce) fine silver coin. The coin presents the impressive domed roof of the Pantheon in fine detail using a deep dome multi-layer minting technology. The dome of the Pantheon was a marvel of ancient building technology, and remains as impressive to visitors today as it was when it was completed nearly 1900 years ago. The coin has a $10 legal tender status in Solomon islands and features an antique finish and a low limited edition mintage of just 999 pieces. GST/HST exempt.

The Pantheon was built on the exact site of two earlier Pantheon buildings, one commissioned by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (27-25 BCE) and the second by Domitian. The first was destroyed by fire in 80 CE and the second was struck by lightning in 110 CE and again burned down. The third Pantheon was probably begun in the reign of Trajan (98-117 CE) but not finally finished until around 125 CE when Hadrian was emperor, who often convened the Roman Senate there. It is this version which still stands today in central Rome.

Following Hadrian's usual practice of dedicating rebuilt buildings and monuments in honour of the original dedicator, the Pantheon is dedicated to Marcus Agrippa and the prominent Latin inscription on the porch façade reads:

M. AGRIPPA L.F. COS TERTIUM FECIT (Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, three-time consul, made this). Below the main original inscription is a smaller one indicating the restorations carried out by Septimius Severus and Caracalla in 202 CE and reads: pantheum vetustate corruptum cum omni cultu restituerunt (with every refinement they restored the Pantheum, worn by age).


Produced By: Solomon Islands
Denomination: 10 Dollars
Year: 2021

Diameter: 55 mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.999
Weight: 100 Grams
Bullion Weight: 3.215 Troy Ounces

Reverse: Pantheon
Finish: Antique
Quantity Produced: 999
Theme: World Mint Collectibles

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