2017 My Canada, My Inspiration Special Wrap - 5 Roll Collection (MCMI)

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Year: 2017

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Since Canada’s first national coinage in 1870, there have only been two years in which commemorative designs were issued for all denominations.  The first time this happened was to celebrate Canada’s 100th anniversary of confederation in 1967, and the second time being to mark the 2017 celebration of our 150th anniversary of confederation.  This five roll set includes special wrap mint rolls of all five commemorative design coins issued for circulation in 2017.  Designed by Canadians for Canadians and selected by popular vote through the My Canada, My Inspiration contest, these are historic collectibles that reflect this nation’s voyage through time, and expresses the people’s pride and optimism for the future. Official Set mintage was just 10,000.  

The Design:

The rolls include 25 x $2 coins, 25 x $1 coins, 40 x 25 cent coins, 50 x 10 cent coins, and 40 x 5 cent coins.  For the $2 and 25 cent denominations, the rolls include a random mix of coloured and non-coloured coins. The coloured $2 coins also feature a special glow-in-the dark effect.  Unlike in 1967 when all regular issue coins used the commemorative design, only a relatively small portion of 2017 coins issued were commemorative issues, and these coins are difficult to find and are highly sought after today in uncirculated condition.  

$2 Coin Design     Artist:  Timothy Hsia – Richmond, British Columbia

“Dance of the Spirits” celebrates the wonders of Canada with a design featuring the spectacular Aurora Borealis. Dance of the Spirits depicts paddlers gliding across a placid lake under the shimmering curtain of the Northern Lights — which the Cree peoples called “the dance of the spirits”.  A random portion of these coins will include a glow-in-the-dark coloured effect.


Loon Style Dollar Design     Artist:  Wesley Klassen – St. Catherines, Ontario

“Connecting a Nation” pays tribute to Sir John A. Macdonald's vision of a national railway to unite the country — and celebrates the skill and drive that made that vision real through the steam age into the diesel era. Featuring impressive landmarks along the country's rail routes — from the Lion's Gate Bridge in British Columbia to the Grand Banks of the East Coast


25 Cent Colour Design     Artist:  Joelle Wong - Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Hope for a Green Future” features a pair of hands bringing life to a plant that connects all living things — represented by some notable Canadian animals.  A random portion of these coins will include selective coloured elements.


10 Cent Design     Artist:  Amy Choi – Calgary, Alberta

“Hope, Peace and Good Faith” is the theme on this coin coin.  An airborne maple leaf forms the wings and tail of a dove delicately outlined beneath it. Like the olive branch, Canada’s maple leaf has become a worldwide symbol.


5 Cent Design     Artist:  Gerald Gloade – Millbrook First Nations, Nova Scotia

“Beaver” in the traditional style of the northeastern woodland tribes of the Algonkian people. The beaver has long been the traditional emblem on Canada's five-cent coins. But its power as a symbol of the land we share goes back thousands of years, deeply connected to the heritage of First Nations people.


Produced By: RCM
Year: 2017

Material: Other

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: My Canada, My Inspiration winning designs
Artist: Various
Finish: Circulation
Quantity Produced: 10000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Coin Rolls

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