2016 $20 Canadian Salmonid - Pure Silver 3 Coin Set with Display Case and Fishing Hook


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Country: Canada
Year: 2016

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Found in the waters of the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans, and a wealth of rivers and lakes in between, Canada’s salmonid species are a powerful symbol of the wild and a valued part of our natural heritage. This fine silver coin celebrates the Atlantic salmon, the “king of fish,” whose strength, resilience and adaptability allow it to complete a remarkable upstream migration. This is the first in an exciting, new 3-coin series that celebrates Canada’s indigenous salmonid species, which play an important role as part of our nation’s biodiversity! 

The Design:

The reverse design by Canadian artist Curtis Atwater features the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) during its upstream journey to spawning grounds in one of the many rivers flowing through the boreal forests of Eastern Canada. In the skillfully engraved background, several migrating salmon can be seen leaping out of the fast-moving waters to ascend the rocky waterfall. Selective colour superbly highlights the salmon in the foreground, whose tail is curled up as it angles forward with great energy. Re-adapting to freshwater conditions, the mature salmon’s glistening appearance has altered from the silver of its saltwater existence to a bronze-green hue with black and reddish spots.

A wonderful addition to any nature or wildlife-themed collection, and the perfect gift for any avid fisherman, outdoor or nature enthusiast!


Year: 2016

Diameter: 40mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Atlantic Salmon
Artist: Curtis Atwater
Finish: Proof
Quantity Produced: 7,500
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Marine Wildlife

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