2016 $20 The Universe - Pure Silver Coin

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Year: 2016

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There’s a universe of wonders crafted into this $20 fine silver coin, starting with the way silver dust swirls together with a variety of borosilicate colored glass pieces to re-create an image of the universe. Mintage is limited to 8,500 coins.  HST/GST exempt. 

The Design:

Every coin has its own unique swirl and each one is captured in a globule of borosilicate glass that has been handcrafted and applied to the coin. The glass was also given added luminescence to capture the faint glow of the galaxy.  Re-creating the forested setting of the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic beneath a clear, star-filled sky, the round, crystal-clear qualities of the glass are similar to peering through a telescope lens, and its luminescence further enhances the viewer’s experience of gazing into the galaxy. 

Pondering the universe is as old as the ages. It’s the common thread that connects us to every civilization that has come before. And while today’s high-tech world has brought greater understanding, new questions always arise, eyes still gaze upwards on starry nights, and we still wonder, “Who are we? Why are we here?” There are numerous observatories around the world probing the universe to find answers to humanity’s ageless questions. 


Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 20 Dollars
Year: 2016

Diameter: 38mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 31.39 grams
Bullion Weight: 1.009 Troy Ounces

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: The forested setting of the Mont-Megantic Observatory beneath a clear, star-filled sky
Artist: Loic Beaumont-Tremblay
Finish: Proof
Quantity Produced: 8500
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Canadian Architecture

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