2014 $20 Dinosaurs of Canada: Scutellosaurus - Pure Silver Coin

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Year: 2014

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This 2014 $20 one ounce fine silver coin will transport you back nearly 200 million years ago to the early Jurassic period, where a Scutellosaurus is featured wandering through what is now western Canada.  Mintage is limited to 8,500.  As a pure silver coin struck by the Royal Canadian Mint this item is GST/HST exempt. 

The Design:

The armoured dinosaur is seen from its left side, with rows of small pieces of bony amour called “scutes”, long tail, narrow head, short muscular forearms and long hind limbs with three toed claws are finely engraved. The scientific accuracy of the depiction was verified by palaeontologists of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.  It is engraved with the word "CANADA," the date "2014" and the face value of "20 DOLLARS".


The Scutellosaurus:

It was a small dinosaur, resembling a modern day lizard; however the body of Scutellosaurus was covered with hundreds of small thorns known as scutes. Its head was also protected by a bony plate. The hind legs of Scutellosaurus were powerful, allowing it to run very quickly. It is believed that Scutellosaurus was an herbivore, spending much of its day searching for food.


Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 20 Dollars
Year: 2014

Diameter: 38mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 31.39 grams
Bullion Weight: 1.009 Troy Ounces

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Left side portrait of a Scutellosaurus
Finish: Proof
Series: Dinosaurs of Canada
Quantity Produced: 8500
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: Portraits of prehistoric animals discovered in Canada

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