2012 The Fabulous 15: The World's Most Famous Silver Coins - 15 Coin Set

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Country: Various, in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mint
Year: 2012

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The 2012 complete Fabulous 15 set of "the World's Most Famous Coins" is limited to a mintage of just 10,000 and comes complete in an elegant presentation case. These classic international coins are distinguished by their high collectability and rarity. All coins in this collection have been minted from precious silver. HST/GST exempt.

Coins Include:

Canada: "The Maple Leaf":
The Canadian "Maple Leaf" is one of the most famous silver coins in the world. Issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, it depicts Canada's national symbol - the maple leaf. Below the Maple Leaf, the "f15" logo identifies this coin as a member of the unique "Fabulous 15" collection. The obverse depicts the effigy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Andorra: "Golden Eagle":
The design conveys with a richness of detail the golden eagle as it circles majestically over the Pyrenees, This special coin also bears the exclusive "f15" privy mark. The flying golden eagle makes a particularly strong impression in matte relief against a brilliant background. Only the highest minting quality makes this effect possible on a proof coin.

Armenia: "Noah's Ark":
The story comes from the Book of Genesis, where the book tells us that God saw men on earth becoming corrupt and wicked and decided to destroy all mankind, as He did not want a world filled with cruel beings. Noah was instructed to build a very large ark, and was told to take his family, a male and female of every animal, and enough food for all passengers of this very large ark. For forty days and nights, it rained until all of earth was flooded. As the water began to retreat, Noah's ark came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat. Once the lands dried, God told Noah to lead his family and the animals out of the ark.

Australia: "Australian Koala":
Many animals call Australia their home, but only very few, including the koala, have a distinct reputation of being Australia's iconic animals. Though it's commonly known as a "Koala Bear", it is in fact not a bear, but a marsupial. They use their pouches to carry their babies until they are old enough to ride on their mother's back. These solitary animals can be found in coastal eastern Australia where they spend their days lounging in eucalyptus trees sleeping for up to 18 hours a day. Koalas are quite lazy during the day and usually eat and become more active at night.

Australia: "Kangaroo in the Outback":
This design features the famous Austalian kangaroo, ready to bound away into the outback. The stark background epitomizes the raw beauty and the solitude of the Australian outback. Weighing in at a full ounce of fine silver, this beautiful coin also bears the "f15" privy mark, confirming there are only 10,000 issues of this coin worldwide.

Austria: "
Wiener Philharmoniker":
The "Vienna Philharmonic" silver coin is the first silver bullion coin with a face value in Euro currency. Since its introduction in 2008, it has become one of the most successful silver bullion coins in the world. On the obverse, the motif depicts the organ of the Vienna Concert Hall, while the reverse shows eight other instruments of the world-renowned orchestra.

Cameroon: "
Cross River Gorilla":
The Cross River Gorilla is the most endangered African ape. Once thought to be extinct, this unique subspecies of gorilla was rediscovered in the 1980s. Illegal hunting and habitat loss threaten the future of these gorillas. Until recently, many Cross River Gorillas lived outside of protected areas, where they were highly vulnerable to poaching. Estimated to number at fewer than 300, this critically endangered species depends on conservation efforts and law enforcement for its survival.

China: "Panda":
Since 1993, the People's Bank of China has issued the "Panda" silver coin with a different representation of the rare panda each year. This coin is distinguished by the traditional filigree motifs of Chinese commemorative coins. The reverse depicts the Palace of Heavenly Peace in Beijing.

Cook Islands: "
Mythology of the Maori":
One of the most significant deities of Maori (New Zealand's aboriginal population), Tangaroa, the god of the sea, is the son of divine parents, the celestial father and the earth mother. The relationship between Tangaroa and his brother Tane, the god of the forest is characterized by much rivalry and power struggles. Land and sea are viewed as opposing forces, so much so that the flowers of Tangaroa make a generous offering to their god to ensure their safety before setting out to sea for fishing or travel.

France: "The Sower":
The Sower first graced French coins in 1898, in the midst of the golden period known as the Belle Epoque ("Beautiful Era"). She was created by Louis-Oscar Roty, one of the most celebrated medalists of the Art Nouveau period. The Sower became a much loved figure of French coinage, featuring on the fifty centimes coin and on the one, two and five franc pieces until 2001. She is believed to be the inspiration for several classic American coin deigns, including the famous "Walking Liberty". This timeless symbol of French currency is found on the obverse of this special coin, encircled by 12 stars representing the 12 founding countries of the eurozone.

Great Britain: "Britannia":
Since 1997, the United Kingdom has issued the "Britannia," an international award-winning silver bullion coin. The 2012 coin depicts a superbly designed portrait of Britannia - an enduring symbol of the United Kingdom, with helmet and wind-swept hair.

Mexico: "Libertad":
The "Libertad" silver bullion coin from Mexico is among the most beautiful and fascinating silver coins of the world. It presents Libertad, the goddess of victory, in front of the twin volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The reverse features Mexico's current coat of arms surrounded by its ten predecessors.

Republic of Rwanda: "African Silver Ounce":
Today there are five species of rhinos still in existence and two of them (black and white rhinos) live in Africa. Three of the five surviving rhino species are critically endangered. During the last century, the black rhino has suffered the most significant decline. Between 1970 and 1992, the population of this species decreased by 96%. There have been intensive anti-poaching efforts made since 1996 and there are some encouraging results. The reverse of this coin features a rhino mother with her calf, encircled by an outlie of Africa and bears the exclusive "f15" privy mark.

South Africa: "Walter & Albertina Sisulu":
Born only miles apart, Walter Sisulu and Albertina Thethive went on from these humble beginnings to become two of South Africa's most respected and beloved figures. For over five decades they were at the forefront of the struggle against apartheid. Their life together was marked by frequent arrests and detentions as Walter Sisulu led campaigns to defy apartheid laws. Albertina had little interest in politics when she met Walter, but she plunged wholeheartedly into the liberation struggle and emerged from years of detention, bans and arrests as a major political figure in her own right. They reunited only after the ban on liberation movements was lifted in 1990, several months after Walter was released from Robben Island.

The sterling silver coin portrays the love these two had for one another. Featuring South Africa's most beloved couple, the coin also bears a quotation from Albertina Sisulu, which was read at Walter's funeral: "Walter, what would I do without you? It was for you who I woke up in the morning, it was for you who I lived..."

United States of America: "Silver Eagle":
Since its initial minting in 1986, the "Silver Eagle" remains the largest and heaviest silver coin of the United States. It's motif is magnificent, making it one of the most coveted silver bullion coins in the world. The obverse depicts the goddess Liberty striding toward the rising sun.


Produced By: Various, in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mint
Year: 2012

Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.999/0.9999
Weight: 466.5 grams
Bullion Weight: 15 Troy Ounces

Series: Fabulous 15
Quantity Produced: 10,000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: World Collectible Coins

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