2010 $1 Marine Life: Turtle - Sterling Silver Coin

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This 2010 $1 sterling silver coin is struck with a proof finish and features a vibrantly coloured Hawksbill Turtle.  Mintage is limited to just 2,500 coins.


The Design:

With fine engraving, the turtle stands out from the colourful ocean blue background with brilliant orange coral. The coin weighs just under one ounce of sterling silver, is dated 2010, and has a legal tender value of 1 Dollar in Tuvalu.


The Hawksbill Turtle: 

The hawksbill turtle is one of the smaller sea turtles and is extremely endangered. It is named for its narrow head and hawk-like beak. Its head is narrow and has two pairs of scales in front of its eyes. The shell is bony without ridges and has large, over-lapping scales present and has four lateral scales, and elliptical in shape. Its flippers have 2 claws. The shell is orange, brown or yellow and hatchlings are mostly brown with pale blotches on scutes.

Adults are 71 - 89 cm in carapace (shell) length, and can weigh between 46-70 kg. The hawksbill's narrow head and jaws shaped like a beak allow it to get food from crevices in coral reefs. They eat sponges, squid and shrimp. They are typically found around coastal reefs, rocky areas, and lagoons.

Tuvalu is an island group located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and has been independent since 1978.







Produced By: Tuvalu
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Year: 2010

Diameter: 38.61mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.925
Weight: 25 grams
Bullion Weight: 0.743 Troy Ounces

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Turtle
Finish: Proof
Quantity Produced: 2,500
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme: World Mint Collectibles

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