2009 $15 Year of the Ox - Sterling Silver Coin and Stamp Set

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Year: 2009

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This impressive Canadian $15 sterling silver coin contains just over one ounce of pure silver and is part of a popular Chinese Lunar 12 year series.  While most of these coins were issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in a simple case, this is the much scarcer premium Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post joint set, which features an artistic full colour presentation and the addition of special issue Year of the Ox postage stamps.  

Coin Design

The center of the coin features an octagonal 24 karat gold plated cameo with a stylized image of an Ox, one of the symbols of Chinese astrology based on the lunar calendar.  Surrounding the cameo are all 12 of the animal symbols in the lunar calendar.

Souvenir Stamp Sheet with a $1.65 International Rate Stamp

The international stamp takes a scroll like shape that featured a work of pottery, as it is connected to the earth and since 2009 is the year of the Earth Ox.  Gold foil is applied to the “spark” that surrounds the Chinese character for “Ox” in the top-left corner of the international stamp that is meant to evoke fireworks, while embossing techniques add shine and dimension to the pottery vase.  The domestic stamp features an illustration of an Ox before a mountainous landscape. The heavy use of the lucky colour red is used in the Chinese characters that run vertically down the souvenir sheet lists all 12 animals of the zodiac, fading from one year to the next as they appear in the lunar cycle.  


About Year of the Ox People

You are an “OX” if you were born in 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 or 2009.  People with this sign exhibit persistent, simple, honest, and straightforward characteristics. They are talented leaders with strong faith, and strong work ethics. They have much tenacity and are extremely dedicated, always thinking before taking action.  “Ox people” are not easily affected by the surroundings they simply follow their concept and ability. Ox’s are not easily bullied and will stand up and speak with effectiveness to restore order. He’s the “good Samaritan” that will come to the rescue and disappear before anyone can get his name. 


Produced By: Canada Post
Denomination: 15 Dollars
Year: 2009

Diameter: 40mm
Fineness: Silver
Weight: 0.925
Bullion Weight: 1 Troy Ounces


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