2003 Atlantic Walrus Proof Platinum Set

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Year: 2003

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With such oversized canines and massive bulk, the Atlantic walrus may appear awkward on shore, but it is a master swimmer, diving to depths of up to 100m (328 ft) and remaining submerged for as long as 12 minutes. During the late winter, its ocean home becomes a concert hall where male walruses serenade prospective mates with elaborate underwater songs that may be repeated for hours.

Once plentiful as far south as the St. Lawrence Gulf, the Atlantic walrus fell prey to the whaling industry of the 19th century. Today, its range within Canada is limited to the eastern Arctic and Hudson Bay with occasional sightings along the Labrador coast. The current estimate of 15,000 individuals (in Canada and western Greenland) is a fraction of the robust populations that graced these regions just a few generations ago.

The coins bear a face value of $300, $150, $75, and $30 respectively, with weights of one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce. GST/HST exempt.



Produced By: RCM
Year: 2003

Material: Platinum
Fineness: 0.9995
Weight: 57.5 grams (total)
Bullion Weight: 1.85 Troy Ounces (total)

Reverse: Atlantic Walrus
Artist: Pierre Leduc
Finish: Proof
Series: Endangered Wildlife Series
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II

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