Great Britain 2000 24 Coin Silver Proof Set - Masterpiece Millenium Collection

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Great Britain
Year: 2000

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The Masterpiece Millennium Collection is a superb collection of 24 incredible silver coins from all over the world. The Set id defined by the rich variety of coin reverse, each which tells its own story. The story of each coin is found on the story card included in the collection, allowing for a complete understanding of the beauty of the coins within. Included is a coloured booklet that gives an overview of mans continuing battle to understand and perhaps control time. The history of time, in mans view, is now revealed in this accompanying booklet, found in the lid of the coin case, held secure by a satin band. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Royal Mint and has a space for you to record your name as owner of each coin. The 24 countries represented are: Alderney, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Bermuda, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, France, The Gambia, Guernsey, Guyana, Haiti, Holland, Ireland, Jersey, Kiribati/Samoa, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. With a limited issue of just 30,000, this set is a collectors dream. All coins are .925 silver except for The United Kingdom (Great Britain) .999; Austria and France - .900 and Netherlands (Holland) - .800.


Denomination: 5 Pounds
Year: 2000
Variety: Masterpiece Millenium Collection

Material: Silver
Weight: 2507.51g including display box and coins


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